Traveling through New Zealand with Red Carpet Tours


The trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings' was, as most people know, filmed completely in New Zealand which has now come to be known as 'best supporting country'. Many people have gone there to discover the magic behind the scenes and find themselves not only falling in love with New Zealand but also finding some magic within themselves as they travel through North and South island on their own sort of pilgrimage. I have the pleasure to work with Vic and Raewyn James and Erica Challis who offer THE tour to take you there and back again, Red Carpet Tours. Please visit our website at and drop by for a chat on Facebook and be sure to join our Red Carpet Fellowship at

On a tour with us or on your own with weeks to explore the many beauties of New Zealand it is a journey well spent and will gift you with memories that will last a lifetime. There is something special there, any and every season of year. You may find what you weren't looking for in the primeval landscapes standing on a mountain top looking down through a glacial valley woven with braided rivers, in the dazzling sunsets, windswept grassy plains or in talking with the open-hearted people who call that country home....but find it you will...and you might even find something more and special about yourself as you go.