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Red Carpet Tours: The quintessential tour of middle-earth, New Zealand where you travel through many and varied film locations of the trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings', visit with people who worked both in front of and behind the camera and listen to their experiences through the long years of production. The tour takes you through North and South Island and you find yourself on a sort of pilgrimage of your own learning about the land and the people and the places you visit. Vic and Raewyn James may start out as your guides but will quickly become your friends as you wander through the vast landscapes with them.

You can also check and see what people are saying about the tour on the Red Carpet Fellowship Forum on ezBoard at  To be found there are comments, photographs, stories from those who have made the tours and also questions asked by those who are thinking about making the trip. You can read through all the postings or, even better, log in and join us.

For all and anything 'Lord of the Rings' we have TORN Erica Challis, one of the founders of TORN is also, together with Vic and Raewyn, one of the founders of Red Carpet Tours. A winning combination if ever there was one.

John Howe: artist, illustrator, curiosateur extraordinary. Renaissance man. Always in motion. Mind and body. Breathing in light and shadow, mixing it with imagination and talent and the result....take a look at his website  Contrary to much of public opinion and knowledge Mr. Howe is not summed up in all things 'Lord of the Rings' although his (and Alan Lee's) extraordinary work can be seen and enjoyed through the films and books. Not only can he design and draw a sword or piece of armour, he can also wield it...and wear it...and stand over a hot forge and pound it out as well. A magnificently multi-faceted man of many talents. Alliteration...Prof. Tolkien would have liked that.

Nelson B. Winkless III
of the Albuquerque Correspondent muses...on just about everything. Nothing is too far-fetched or sacred. A witty and insightful look at slices of life; he says "history is just people doing things" and enjoy the ride

AND if you are in the mood for some good 'Lord of the Rings' themed conventions after looking through all the photographs I would happily suggest you attend the mother of all LOTR venues: RingCon, held in Bonn, Germany the first weekend in October. A wonderfully organized event that has become a yearly date on the calendar for Europe. Not to worry...English is the main language at all the events and they are myriad and varied. Actors, theatre, workshops, costumes, souvenirs, swing a sword, shoot an arrow or two, music (yo Schelmish!), signings, you name it all framed in the great backdrop of the Maritime Hotel. Get up close and personal with the people who brought you the films and also take a look behind the scenes at a lot of the magic; stunts, cgi, calligraphy, make-up and prosthetics; ask questions, participate, learn. If you are more into the books there are seminars and talks with specialized Tolkien experts who can cover everything from the mythologies behind Prof. Tolkiens works to how to speak elvish. Check out the website at   Dirk and Manu and all the guests, helpers and volunteers put on a truly unforgettable show - the best!

And do check the Ischia page and gallery. Not only is the island as beautiful, curious and as picturesque as can be, it also provides the perfect backdrop to the Ischia Film Festival held in June of every year. You can find out more by visiting their (then click on the 'English' button). See if you can't find your way to Ischia this year. it is well worth the trip.

Gogol Bordello...something totally different on the music horizon...the madness and mayhem of 'gypsy punk' with Eurgene Hutz at the helm. This is a group that will have you on your feet and surging with movement throughout a two hour non-stop wall of sound and movement. Did I say 'sound'? A woven tapestry of time honoured soul-searching rhythms brought up to date through the eclectic genius of the 'Pied Piper of Hutzovnia'. Check their website for gigs and information and if they come within 200 km be sure to make every effort to get there for the musical experience of a lifetime. Eugene, Sergey, Yuri, Oren, Tommy, Eliot, Pamela and gypsy punk!

Gedy Moody...friend...crazy woman...and multi-talented artist. Check out her website at and enjoy her impressions of Tuscany and beyond. She has a marvelous sense of colour and composition...and it

AND if you want to tour Tuscany to paint, or enjoy the views, the culture the food explore hidden by-ways or just listed to the learnéd regale you with stories out of the past and histories of those who were wandering through the world here when times were quieter and more green please visit friend Mary Ellen Lawrence at and follow the inks to Tuscany and more. Mary Ellen would be more than pleased not only to help you plan your trip to Italy but can also be your guide through the varied beauties of Tuscany.

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