cheeks rippling against gums...

Gogol Bordello makes you feel like you stuck your finger in a light socket. Sparks go off inside your head and you find yourself surrounded in a mass of surging, throbbing people all connected to the same thrilling source of energy.

Eugene is amazing...amazing in his own personal eclectic madness and amazing the way he has managed to put together music that weaves through a myriad of rhythms joining the deepest tones of gypsy soul that are mulled over beered over chewed up and spit out in a raw new wave of gypsy punk that richly crashes not only on your eardrums but also finds its way into your very being.

This is an incredibly talented group of people. Not just 'talent' but small individual forces of nature that form a tight knit cyclone of a family. A tapestry of sound and movement all orchestrated by Eugene, the Mad Hatter of Oz.