The Knight in the Works.

Born in North Carolina. Raised in California..a real valley girl when 'cool' meant just that. University in New Mexico founded a constant and sustaining love of those vast open spaces. Then Italy. Tuscany to be exact still full of an ancient culture putting up with a modern one that tends to fall inwards upon itself with a quiet sort of decadent beauty. I am still here but my heart (though having travelled around Europe and the world) is irrevocably lost somewhere on New Zealand's South Island happily wandering through breathtakingly beautiful primeval landscapes of mountains, lakes and glacial valleys. There is a quality of light (and laughter) there that strikes deep and never leaves you again. 

Creativity has always been a part of my is an ongoing insatiable curiosity. The way I look at things. Colour and light. A glance or the upturning of an eye. Textures. Photography to me is like flying. A freedom of vision to capture and hold and make something intangible your very  very own...then seek deeper into that click of a millisecond to enhance and  bring this out for all those who look and have an ear to listen to what they see. A glimpse of soul peeking out of a glance, the sheen of sun on a plant, blurry running through grass of a favourite kitten. Searching for something that speaks without words. Showing up mother nature for what she is. Showing up her creativity and imagination. Having a great time doing it all too. Makes you feel alive. Makes you watch and look and listen with a different eye and ear to the poetry of the earth and all things in it be it man woman cat dog tree grass mountain cloud sky.....

Yes, my photos are now all digital and I use Adobe Photoshop© at times to enhance with shadow and light, to cut through a given frame to bring it more to life or find a special nuance in my favourite medium of black and white. But if the photo isn't 'there' in the first place no amount of fiddling around with filters or colours or touch ups is going to make it happen. For me tweaking a photo with Photoshop is much the same as using chemicals in a dark room.

Sketches and graphics are a bit like icing on the cake to interweave into videos and slideshows for presentations or are turned into the graphic designs for books made up for photo-studies of single personages, conventions and venues, rock bands or even a favourite cat.

If you would like to ask for more information about me and my work such as pricing, availability, special projects, etc. please feel free to email me through this site.