'Lord of the Rings' themed events with Red Carpet Tours

Another year of fun and fantasy in Bonn, Germany with RingCon 2010. More swirling colour with silks and satins and velvets, some costumes dripping with jewels and others, well, dripping with blood. Witches and wizards, pirates and sea-going creatures, vampires and their ladies all graced the halls...and HOBBITS! Next year will be a big one not only for lovers of Sir Peter Jackson's films with the advent of 'The Hobbit' but also for all of us at RingCon who missed hearing the soft pad of bare bushy feet heading down the corridor towards second breakfast. Red Carpet Tours did very very well and would like to thank everyone who stopped by to say hello and we hope to see many of you in Wellington, New Zealand in December of 2012 for the Hobbit Premiére Tour!

 And for all the wonderful RingCon friends...see you there in October 2011!